The weather was dreary but the spirit inside the convent in Dalfsen was anything but dreary.

For 5 jam-packed days six course participants worked tremendously hard at improving their English conversation skills. Together we immediately succeeded in creating a comfortable language learning environment in which the learners felt at ease, were enjoying themselves, and talked about issues that have meaning to their lives.

The curriculum of the Crash Course is based on topics that adults have opinions on, the exercises are varied and at times out of the ordinary. The days were filled with laughter, jokes, constant chatter and an abundance of delicious food provided by the ‘Klooster van Dalfsen’: all the necessary ingredients to support and stimulate the learning process.

On Friday afternoon, we all went our separate ways fatigued yet energized. Satisfied with what they had achieved the participants went home equipped with various new ideas on how to continue using and learning English. Well done, Berry, Henk, Jacqueline, Kees, Lois and Mirjam!

Information about the Crash Course